Hi! I’m Tarquin.

I blend my passion in Nutrition Science, Exercise Physiology, and business to bring health and wellness into focus.

Beyond my credentials, my hobbies includes trail running, HIIT, and Crossfit. I live what I teach and can’t wait to help you on your journey to better health!

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About Me

My life in a nutshell

Trained in Nutrition Science and Exercise Physiology, I’ve also explored the business world, earning a Commerce degree and an MBA.

My passion for health and wellness isn’t just theoretical – I live it every day. You’ll often find me trail running, pushing my limits in High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), or mastering my form at the Crossfit gym.

I’ve dedicated my life to understanding the science of health and using it to empower others to live their best, healthiest lives. I’m thrilled to share my knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm with you all. Thanks for joining me on this journey to better wellness

Embrace Wellness.

Ignite Vitality.

“Its the not the destination, It’s the journey.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tarquin pushing weight at the gym
Dumbells and Kettlebells on the gym floor
Tarquin Taking a selfie on a mountain druing a run
Tarquin on a run with a beanie and gloves on the farm
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